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November 2012

posted 28 Oct 2012, 01:53 by Helene Schnitzer   [ updated 28 Oct 2012, 01:54 ]

Generally speaking...

For most of November, the Sun is in Scorpio, which naturally indicates that things are getting pretty profound. This applies especially to the Dark Moon on 13/11, which will be a total solar eclipse! But not to worry, the eclipse is not visible here in the UK and will only affect you if you have planets or important points around 21º of the fixed signs (_beh) In that case, you better come and check with me! The rest of us will probably just have a good night’s sleep and look at the pictures in the morning.


Eclipses always come in pairs. The second, lunar eclipse is appulse, which means the Moon is not completely occulted on 28/11, just somewhat dimmed by the penumbral shadow of the Earth. However, it is part of a pattern that involves passionate but restricted emotions on the one hand, with overzealous ambition and egoic power trips on the other. Daring to communicate honestly seems to be the key.


The first half of November is relatively quiet, and that’s a good thing after the intense Full Moon we’ve had just before Samhain!

With Mercury now in lofty Sagittarius, our minds are more prepared to think outside the box in order to cope with extraordinary circumstances. However, Mercury’s excursion doesn’t last. On 8/11 he changes gears and on 14/11 he returns to the emotional, introvert, habitually cautious ways of Scorpio. A new phase of intellectual regurgitation resumes – we need a bit longer to think things over, as some momentous decisions are waiting to be made. If only the clock wasn’t ticking!


The ticking clock is associated with old Saturn, the planet of time. During the whole month of November this strict and sober taskmaster is strangely connected to excitable and rebellious Uranus. These two planets have little in common and now interact from points of view and with goals in mind that are equally incompatible. The resulting crisis either leads to a brilliant solution or ends in a debacle. This kind of tension is likely to develop 9 –23/11, with a peak of several days around mid month. How it affects you personally, depends on what Saturn and Uranus do in your individual chart. But watch out for more restrictive measures and knee-jerk reactions in the news around 17/11. Matters that started or came to light at the end of October may continue (or end) in quite surprising ways!


In the meantime, Venus in her own sign is in love with love, beauty and the arts, while simply enjoying the view. After some initial difficulties in peace making early in the month, she and many of her children could hit it big around 8/11. That’s when the current morning star connects to lucky Jupiter. How or whether this will affect you depends on various factors in your natal chart. But if you were born in the middle of an air or fire sign, this could be your lucky break!


Mars co-operates with Venus by being playful, adventurous and enthusiast in Sagittarius. During the first half of the month, this may alleviate recent tensions in male/female, family or diplomatic relations and could open new avenues of interaction. The end of the month shows similar tendencies, but by that time, the celestial couple will be much less flamboyant, what with the Full Moon stealing the show.


On 17/11 Mars moves into Capricorn and immediately starts holding his horses; some of us may feel disorientated and not know what to do next. Well, first of all we need a plan and Mars in the sign of the goat is good with controlled action. However, around 23/11 we have to be careful not to jump the gun and cause irreparable breakage. Just give it a few more days.


The month could end on a high note for some. The Full Moon in Gemini could bring relief from the underlying tensions that prevailed all through the month, ending problematic situations by flipping them over the crisis point.