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On Richard III

posted 4 Feb 2013, 10:14 by Helene Schnitzer

So, archaeologists are now certain that the sceleton they dug up in Leicester is that of Richard III. My immediate reaction to this bit of news was, “What would his chart say to that?” Well, I would expect some kind of Saturn involvement, as Saturn stands, among a million other things, for bones and the skeletal structure. In terms of houses, I would expect the 1st (body), the 4th (the ground, the grave) and possibly the 8th (death, and therefore also the grave to some) being activated at this time.


Intrigued by my own puzzle, I grabbed Nicholas Campion’s ‘Born To Reign’, a compilation of royal horoscopes, and looked up Richard III. My heart sank: as I had half expected, there is no time of birth for the man. As I usually do in such cases, I erected a chart for 12.00 noon and used Solar Sign Houses (an Ancient Greek method that has given me very good results in the past). Two things jumped out immediately: Richard III did have the ‘royal signature’, i.e. strong connections between Sun, Mars and Jupiter, and his chart features a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Libra, which is the first house (body, outer appearance) in this kind of chart and hints at ugliness or …a problem with his bones. Apparently, Richard III had a crooked spine. Shakespeare reports a ‘withered arm’ much later, which may well have been an impeded use of the same, caused by the malformed spine.



But what about now? How would the quality of this our time relate to this natal chart? I was too impatient to start researching the exact moment the sceleton was discovered and decided to look at secondary progressions for the day of the official anouncement regarding its authenticity.


Having progressed the chart to today, this is what we see:


Bingo! Mercury, ruler of the 12th and 9th house in this chart, is directly opposing Saturn, and Richard’s bones have certainly made the news! But what exactly does the opposition mean? After all, the bones are not going to be destroyed any further, or are they? No, but Saturn does not only represent the skeleton. Ruling the 4th house, it also represents the grave, which has now been destroyed (Mercury as 12th house ruler). In its role as 9th house ruler Mercury here represents the international news and also seems to point at the planned re-burial in Leicester Cathedral.

A second close aspect is being made by progressed Venus, which is forming a trine to Richard’s natal Sun from Gemini and the 9th house. As 1st house ruler, Venus represents Richard III’s body and as 8th house ruler it can represent his death, but also the DNA research that went into ascertaining the authenticity of the skeleton. In Gemini and the 9th house it shows the international media again, which certainly have renewed Richard’s fame (Sun) and possibly renewed the interest in his life story (Sun) in a wide audience.

Well, I’m happy with the result of my little quest – how about you?