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November 2012 Sun Signs

posted 28 Oct 2012, 01:59 by Helene Schnitzer   [ updated 28 Oct 2012, 02:00 ]

e – You’re likely to get a lot of attention this month. Career matters may be emphasized and come to a head around the Dark Moon on 13/11. But you wouldn’t be a Scorpio if you didn’t rethink and reconsider for some time afterwards. Early Scorpios may want to make sudden changes in work and daily life and feel held back by obligations or unfinished business. If you need assistance, you will certainly get it in the last week of the month. Asking for help may be hard and it won’t come without a price, but it’s worth it.


f – You will see many opportunities for positive change, although there could be an uneasy feeling that you may have overlooked some vital aspect of the situation you’re about to transform. You may be witty, charming and pro-active but: Please remember that your guiding planet Jupiter is currently moving retrograde, meaning that completely new ventures are not going to blossom fast. Rather finish what you have started. Use the abundant energy and enthusiasm that first Mars and then the Sun provide you with this month and work a few miracles in tying up loose ends.


g – You’ve just entered a prolonged period of examining your own feelings regarding personal goals and friendly relations. Rather than dismissing emotions as non-sense and people as useless, take a good look and learn the next lesson about accepting and loving yourself … and others! In the second half of the month this could be easier than you expected. This is partly, because by that time you’ll be less tired and more motivated. Fear of rejection doesn’t have to stifle you any longer. You’ll have loads of energy and drive to show love and appreciation through positive action, so go for it!


h –  November could be challenging when it comes to dealing with business, career or public servants. You try to keep a stance of aloof authority, while brilliant verbal fireworks or foot-in-mouth disease are constantly close to the surface. First, Mars and Venus help you to be philosophical and to work towards your personal goals. But in the second half of November, you may feel exhausted, hemmed in or even deliberately undermined. Instead of exploding, try doing something totally mad but harmless, to let off the steam that’s coming out of your ears! After the Full Moon on 28/11 your balance and your sense of universal love will be on the mend.


i – With the Sun in Scorpio for most of the month, Pisceans continue with what they started in October: getting a grip on daily life, on the diet, the routines. The old ways are not necessarily always bad. In case you’re currently having a bout of ‘wheeling and dealing’ or ‘meeting and greeting’, be aware that Mercury is changing direction on 6/11. After that, new contacts and their promises may flounder, or you could simply experience a change of heart. Perhaps you should rather re-visit the past, re-connect with old chums, or re-read a special book this month?


^ – In the first half of November, you’re the ‘leader of the gang’, Aries, what fun! You won’t have any problems going totally over the top in word and deed! Careful though: deep down inside, there lurks a sense of foreboding and the knowledge that such a powerful position also has its responsibilities. If you completely ignore that fact, the realization will hit you the harder around the Dark Moon, and you may have to eat some carelessly spoken words. After mid-month, you can move some career or business mountains. Just beware of the (in-)famous Aries wrath and all will be well!


_ – Early in the month, you or your partner could be affected by sudden changes in circumstances beyond your control. You may not especially like change and it could take a week or so to get over the shock, but you will know how to cope with it. After mid-month you will re-group and soon be hard at work to improve the situation. A love- or business partner may grumble, but will stick around to help. In late November, you can stabilize and re-affirm a particular relationship, which is worth more than all the money in the world.


` – You Gemini’s are receiving what astrologers call a double-whammy this month. Not only does your sign host retrograde Jupiter, implying a return and review of old relating issues. Now your own guiding planet Mercury goes into retreat as well. After briefly sniffing the fresh air of increased human interaction, your thoughts turn inward again; you’re literally keeping your head to the grindstone after mid-month. Beware of misleading short cuts now and resist the temptation to fix what isn’t broken. Rewards for keeping your cool will probably be paid out around the Full Moon at the end of the month.


a – I’d be surprised if you weren’t feeling good this month. Of course, it depends on which side you choose: You could worry yourself sick about career matters. You could be moaning about a cut in your hours, a freeze in your salary or a tiff with colleagues later in the month. But you can also foster a sense of peace, of standing above these worldly concerns and be assured that following your heart of hearts will safely see you through. Creative Cancerians will see peaks of activity, success and inspiration around the lunations.


b – While the days outside are getting darker, your inner world is being illuminated. Pleasant contacts and perhaps even a touch of romance will likely brighten your days. You may see some old friends emerge from the wood works. Meanwhile, profound insights are developing before your inner eye. Some of them may take you back to your youth when things were fresh and exciting. Beware of nostalgic melancholia! Granted, creativity and/or romance may currently move slower than you’d wish, but good things do take their time, don’t they? Take active steps to address a lingering health concern.


c – Short trips, logistic organisation and contacts with neighbours and family characterize the month of November for you. Now, if you attach the idea of repetition and finalising to all this, you get the gist of what will prevail after the first week. Your guiding planet Mercury retraces his steps and so will you. If your sharp tongue cuts others a little too deep during the first half of the month, you can repair the situation in the second half. The last week of November could bring a momentous encounter with very positive consequences further down the line.


d – Your material situation may have caused you considerable headaches recently, but help is on its way. Banks, insurances and even the taxman will show co-operation, if you take the first step to get the ball rolling. However, take care to be meticulous and correct in filling in forms, stating facts, and the like. Positive results can be expected around the Full Moon. So don’t feel defeated, even if things seem to get worse before they get better! Meanwhile, you may feel torn between two (or even more) lovers. Honest communication around the Full Moon could solve your problem.


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